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With Viktor Orbán stronger than ever, Hungary’s leader offers a clearly replicable recipe for building an autocracy out of a democracy....
July 24, 2018

Russian Meddling

The face of warfare is changing, and Moscow is embracing it full-throttle. With the digital age giving Putin's Russia a wealth...
April 23, 2018


As Trump announces new tariffs, could this shift toward protectionism spark a wave of inward-looking trade policy around the world? Or...
April 23, 2018


Syria's civil war has long ceased to be civil. The last two months have been a gut-wrenching reminder of how internationalized...
April 23, 2018


A massive anti-corruption investigation has taken down some of Brazil’s most powerful people, including former president Lula, who’s still polling first...
March 8, 2018

Saudi Arabia

Mohammed bin Salman has flung Saudi Arabia onto a new path. Some say he’s just what the country needs to kick...
March 8, 2018


Political turmoil is not unique to the US, it appears. Across the Atlantic, Europe is in flux. The center is eroding,...
January 19, 2018

Latin America

As we cap off a crazy 2017, Latin America is gearing up for an even crazier 2018. Of the five (potentially...
December 27, 2017


What happened in last month's ambush that killed four Green Berets in Niger? And why are we in the region in...
November 27, 2017


Noting that the US doesn't have enough on its plate, Trump has decided to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, though it's...
November 14, 2017
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Peter Schechter works in both politics and policy. He served as the Atlantic Council’s senior vice president for strategic initiatives and previously co-founded a premier strategic communications company, working as a political campaign advisor in more than 20 countries.  Muni Jensen is a former Colombian diplomat, columnist, and television political commentator.