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Peter Schechter

Peter Schechter is an entrepreneur, strategist and foreign policy expert. Until recently, he was the Atlantic Council’s senior vice president for strategic initiatives and was the founding director of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center and interim director of the Council’s new Center on Resilience. He has more than twenty years of communications and political experience and is a sought-out media voice in his six languages on international issues ranging from Latin America to Europe and Africa. Schechter has advised heads of state and business leaders around the globe. He specializes in winning advocacy efforts in increasingly adversarial political and communications environments and served as the lead consultant on a host of high-stakes elections around the world – overseeing polling, campaign management, advertising, and media relations. Schechter is also an adjunct professor at George Washington University and a published author, having released two novels with Harper Collins: Point of Entry (2006) and Pipeline (2009). He is a long-time investor in Jose Andres’ restaurant group, owned Agur Winery, a boutique winery in Israel, and co-manages a goat farm in Virginia.

“Our foreign relations seem to be spinning. When we willingly give up positions of leadership, we become a rule-breaker instead of the rule-maker that we’ve always been. We sacrifice opportunity, growth, jobs. This is why foreign policy matters.”

- Peter Schechter

Muni Jensen

Muni Jensen is a political risk consultant, former diplomat, and award-winning columnist.

Raised in Cali, Colombia and educated in Washington, DC, Muni has built her career around contextualizing Latin American politics for global audiences and global politics for Latin American audiences.

After six years serving in the Colombian Embassy in Washington under two presidents and four ambassadors, she joined the Albright Stonebridge Group as a Senior Advisor on Latin American political and economic issues. She is a permanent fixture on radio and television broadcasts throughout the hemisphere, and is a regular columnist on international affairs in El País Colombia.

“At Altamar we are outraged from the center. We’re sick and tired of populism, of extremism. But the only weapon against this new dictionary of ‘isms’ is dialogue. We need to talk about the uncertainty in the world today, with spirited debate and dissent, to understand why the news matters to everybody, no matter where it takes place.”

- Muni Jensen


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